For Lavender Caucus Members

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When you become a member of the Lavender Caucus your e-mail address is subscribed to the announcement list (see #1 below). This is all that is required. Follow the announcements and be involved as much or as little as you want to. If you want to be active then subscribe to other lists, and/or participate in audio/video conferences (your choice), and/or get on or organize a team In Discord.

First the lists: To help reduce spam, our email lists are moderated and subscriptions must be approved. Filters will automatically reject messages with too many recipients, blind carbon copies, attachments, and also tldr messages. Too long? Over 40kb.

1. NLGC Information: also known as lavender-announce
PURPOSE: This is a one-way list. Subscribers are not able to send replies or post messages to this list. All Caucus members are required to be on this list. It is not a discussion list. This list is where all elections, proposals and important announcements are first posted.
SUBSCRIBERS: All members of the Lavender Green Caucus 
3. NLGC Discussion: also known as lavender-business
PURPOSE: To facilitate communications for the purpose of decision-making and management of affairs of the National Lavender Green Caucus. This is the discussion list for proposals, endorsements, and caucus-related business. Subscription to this list is voluntary for caucus members only.
SUBSCRIBERS: Members of the Lavender Green Caucus.
Here's the webpage to subscribe to the lavender-discussion list:
2. General News: also known as lavender-issues.
PURPOSE: Discussions related to other stuff including Green Party or Caucus business but also general LGBTQIA (Lavender) concerns or news or announcements. This is a general discussion list basically and subscription to this list is voluntary.
SUBSCRIBERS: Lavender Greens and other Greens interested in Lavender issues.
Here's the webpage to subscribe to the lavender-caucus list:
Lavender-coord also known as the Coordinators list. This list is for current caucus officers, delegates and alternate delegates, or former officers, former delegates, and former alternate delegates. It is moderated. Starlene Rankin is list administrator. It is where mundane business and management of votes and proposals take place.
We have a video conference every month at 7 p.m. CST on the second Monday of every month. The Zoom video conference invitation comes to your inbox each month via the announce e-mail list. You may join by phone or computer with or without video as you choose. E-mail We also have a public Lavender Green Discord, join and build/create a team Discord.The Lavender Caucus Website is on a NationBuilder site. Links are provided for you to be informed. No endorsements are intended or implied. Educate yourself. GP Privacy Statement
NOTE: Any caucus member can submit a proposal that is in keeping with the 10 Key Values and furthers the mission of the Lavender Caucus and the Green Party.
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