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Green Party Candidate Questionnaire for Endorsement

7 weeks before the election is the recommended deadline for submitting questionnaires with enough time left to circulate our endorsement, if you wish. No questionnaire will be accepted 3 weeks before the election. Our endorsement process takes 3 weeks.

Copy and paste into e-mail or download. Please answer the following questions as completely as possible and return completed questionnaire to the National Lavender Greens Caucus at: [email protected]

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1. Do you support the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity plank of the National Green Party Platform?
2. Lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer, intersex, asexual, others (LGBTQIA+) people in the U.S. are twice as likely to be without health insurance compared to the rest of the U.S. population. What will your office do to help ameliorate this disparity in coverage while working towards single payer healthcare?

3. How would you improve gender disparity in political representation, funding priorities, healthcare, job placement, and so forth? What do you think are the biggest obstacles for women and girls in the U.S.

4. Do you support the inclusion of transgender people in federal bills pertaining to non-discrimination and hate crime legislation?

5. What is your position regarding religious freedom acts?

6. How would you address the high poverty, low employment rate, high incarceration rate, and high murder rate for transgender persons?

7. Would you make hiring qualified transgender persons, persons of color, and persons with a disability a priority in your office?

8. Would you support an age-appropriate public school curriculum that teaches awareness and sensitivity regarding sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression?

9. What steps would you take to curb discrimination and violence directed at LGBTQIA+ youth in public schools.

10. Do you think that sexual orientation and/or gender identity or expression should be a factor in determination of child custody cases, or consideration for placement of foster children or for adoption?

11. Do you support needle exchange programs to reduce transmission of blood borne diseases, including HIV?

12. Would you support Federal funding for HIV/AIDS programs and public HIV/STD prevention education?

13. The impact of the HIV/AIDS epidemic is hardest on racial minorities who tend to be poor due to systemic racism in the United States. How do you propose addressing the HIV/AIDS needs of this population?

14. Will you have sensitivity training for your staff members regarding LGBTQIA+ issues?

15. Would you support mandatory diversity training for public employees that includes racism and LGBTQIA+ issues?

16. Do you support the right of religious organizations that offer social services and receive tax dollars to subsidize these services to discriminate against LGBTQIA+ people?

17. What do you think are the biggest issues facing LGBTQIA+ people of color?

18. What do you think are the biggest issues facing LGBTQIA+ people with disabilities?

19. Please describe (briefly) what your top goals will be if elected to this office.

20. What past or present LGBTQIA+ related events, activities, or organizations have you participated in?

21. How will you get the LGBTQIA+ vote as a Green Party candidate?

22. Do you support the four pillars and the Ten Key Values? Ecological Wisdom, Social Justice, Grassroots Democracy, Nonviolence, Decentralization, Community-Based Economics, Feminism, Respect for Diversity, Personal & Global Responsibility, and Future Focus? If "No" please elaborate.

23. Do you support the Mission of the Lavender Greens Caucus? Elimination of heterosexism and all its manifestations such as homophobia, violence, prejudice, and injustice against the LGBTQIA+ communities, and the elimination of racism and sexism and all their manifestations in LGBTQIA+ communities, and society as a whole? If "No" please elaborate.

24. Do you meet all of the legal qualifications for this office?

25. What primary ballot (if any) did you pull in the last general primary?  ____

26. Why do you wish to hold this office?  

27. Why do you feel you are qualified to run?

28. What do you think is the most important issue to be addressed?

29. What do you think is the most important LGBTQIA+ issue to be addressed?

30. Have you previously run for and/or held a public elected office? 

31. Have you been convicted of any crime? If "Yes" please elaborate