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National Lavender Greens Caucus Green Party of the United States

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We are the National Lavender Greens Caucus (NLGC) of the Green Party of the United States. We are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual and other gender/romantic minorities Green Party members organized as a Caucus with the purpose of promoting Lavender issues within the Green Party and promoting the Green Party to the LGBTQIA+ community.

The Green Party is independent from all other political parties even while we work together with people of other political parties on various movements. The Green Party works for electoral reform and ballot access. We campaign for Green Party candidates who will enact laws that help create a healthy environment and a just society. We insist on the value of every human based on that fact alone. We work for expanded and improved Medicare for All single payer national health insurance. The Lavenders armed with the Ten Key Values can help the transition to a life affirming political system.

We resist the permanent war agenda of the corporate empire. War is a class issue, a race issue, and a gender issue. We have to accommodate people migrating because of polluted land due to unmitigated resource extraction, wars, and climate change. There are few models to follow, they must be created. We will have to use new resource for the future built environment. Resource that's not extracted from the planet but re-made out of the crumbs of our failing infrastructure. We are tasked with rebuilding infrastructure, cleaning polluted water and soil, and reorganizing society.

We oppose the machinations of the 1% who by their control of media and manipulation of state infiltrate the resistance, incarcerate and kill people of color, and incite the murder of those of us who reject the mainstream. 

The Green Party is the third political party in the United States. Despite the Republican and Democrat Parties being united in creating barriers to ballot access the Green Party has steadily achieved ballot lines in state after state across the country.


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