NLGC Dispute with Georgia Green Party

The following is our Complaint against the Georgia Green Party:

 *updated 11 March 2021*

  1. National Lavender Green Caucus; Margaret Elisabeth, Co-Chair

  2. [email protected] , @Margaret Elisabeth

  3. 22 December 2020

  4. Georgia Green Party

  5. [email protected]

  6. On Feb 22, 2020, Georgia Green Party adopted a resolution to endorse the transphobic ‘Women’s Declaration of Sex Based Rights’ and to allow the Women's Human Rights Campaign, an anti-trans hate group, use of GAGP logo on their website and promotional materials. Further, they adopted two amendments to their Human Rights Plank which are in direct violations of this Party’s Social Justice Platform, HR#3 and HR#4.  Both of which add new language to the GAGP Human Rights Plank.  (full text included, PDF attached for reference)

    HR#3 - "We believe that it is possible for responsible policy makers to weigh the conflicts between existing law and the demands of those campaigning for the legal protections of trans-identified individuals, and to find nuanced approaches which will protect the latter without gutting from the former the gains that women have made for the protection of the sex-based rights of women under the law." "We are extremely concerned for the questionable medical ethics at play when children, incapable for fully informed consent, are subject to medical interventions under so-called gender-affirming protocols, involving puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and so-called sexreassignment surgeries. The lack of peer reviewed research to support such protocols; the well documented list of adverse side effects associated with these protocols; the many scientific studies which tell us that dysphoric distress including mental anguish and self-harming ideation is so often not resolved by these medical interventions; the additional scientific studies which report that gender dysphoria generally resolves itself by the late teens for 80% or more of Early Onset patients under a protocol of watchful waiting; and the growing number of young adults who have chosen to detransition, even after their health has been compromised and their reproductive systems have been left sterile by medical interventions; all of these factors urge caution in the rush to transition the gender of children with medical experimentation. Such practices have been said to '(bind) children to traditional gender stereotypes, and (to) medically (harm) them through life-changing irreversible procedures'

    Amend the Human Rights plank further, by inserting at the end, a new paragraph, to read: "#. The Georgia Green Party here endorses the Declaration on Women’s Sex-Based Rights, as developed and publicized by the Womens Human Rights Campaign, and encourage our members, our national party, policy makers and the general public to do the same. We will regulate access to gender-affirming therapies to protect Georgia children from medical experimentation, prosecuting ethical violations involved with subjecting children incapable of fully informed consent to such life-changing and irreversible procedures. We will protect womens and girls from unfair competition in sports by male bodied athletes. We will protect girls and women in the enjoyment of female-only facilities, programs, or services, particularly in places where women have a need to be in a state of undress, or where their privacy may be compromised or their safety may be at risk from male-pattern violence."."

    HR#4 - "Efforts by advocates for the rights of trans-identified individuals have campaigned for the inclusion of 'gender-identity' as a protected class under existing civil rights law. Feminist organizers around the world have identified such policy demands as in conflict with the existing sex-based rights of women and have called for opposition to gender-identity protections which fail to account for the concerns of women. Elevating gender-identity on a par with sex as a protected class pits the established sex-rights of women against the demands for inclusion and protection by trans-identified persons. However, a prohibition of discrimination based on 'sex stereotypes' provides many important protections for transidentified individuals without placing at risk the sex-based rights of women."

    Amend the Human Rights plank further, by inserting at the end, a new paragraph, to read: "#. The Georgia Green Party endorses passage of the Equality Act (HR-5 / SB-788, in the 116th Congress) as amended by the Feminist Amendment developed by intended to protect the sex-based rights of women while adding to existing Civil Rights statutes related to employment, housing, credit and jury service, two new protected classes to protect people from discrimination based on 'sexual orientation' and 'sex stereotyping'. We further support the adoption of similar state level reforms.

    On Feb 29, 2020
    , the National Lavender Green Caucus issued a call for Justice and Reconciliation to address these amendments and the endorsement of the transphobic ‘Women’s Declaration of Sex Based Rights’.
    On or about April 16th, the National Lavender Green Caucus and Georgia State Green Party agreed to the Dispute Resolution Process.
    On May 20, 2020 the NLGC was informed by DRC Co-Chair, Darryl! Moch, that a mediator had been assigned to our dispute after the NLGC discovered that our previous mediator (who had not begun the mediation process despite having been assigned to it in April) was a signatory on the “dialog not expulsion” cliques petition and was compromised in their neutrality.
    During April, June and July NLGC and GAGP had dialog through the mediator, Jesse Townley.
    On or about July 10th, 2020, the NLGC discovered that its former Co-Chair, Cathi Woodward, had been supplying the confidential Caucus discussions regarding this issue with the Georgia Green Party, Dario Hunter, Darlene Elias and other Party leaders.  A recall was conducted and CW was removed from her positions in the NLGC and removed as a spokesperson for the DRC dispute for the NLGC.
    On or about August 11th, 2020, the NLGC had a conversation with the mediator to hear the GA response and to explain our position and give our reply to Georgia.
    On Sep 11th, 2020, the mediator was told by NLGC that GAGP had until Sept 16th to respond to the last NLGC response.
    On October 8th, 2020 the mediator informed the NLGC that a 3rd & final e-mail to the Georgia signatories on the DRC dispute with a deadline of Oct 11th, 2020.
    On October 11th, 2020 the Mediator informed the NLGC that due to a lack of response from Georgia we are at an impasse.  Quote “I think there was room for a resolution but this process needs full & consistent participation by all involved. There is no way to move forward if one side of a dispute stops responding. As far as I’m concerned in my role as DRC mediator, this dispute is at an impasse.”

  7. Georgia Green Party is in violation of several sections of our Platform.  Specifically:

    II.  Social Justice
    A. Civil Rights and Equal Rights
    One of our key values is respect for diversity. We are committed to establishing relationships that honor diversity; that support the self-definition and self-determination of all people; that consciously confront the barriers of racism, sexism, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, class oppression, ageism, and ableism, and the many ways that our culture and laws separate us from working together. We support affirmative action to remedy discrimination, to protect constitutional rights, and to provide equal opportunity under the law.

    5. Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
    In keeping with the Green Key Values of diversity, social justice and feminism, we support full legal and political equality for all persons regardless of sex, gender, sexual orientation, or gender identity, characteristics, and expression.
       2. The Green Party recognizes the full civil rights of sexual and gender minorities.
    3. The Green Party will be inclusive of language in local, state and federal anti-discrimination law that ensures the rights of intersex individuals and prohibits discrimination based on gender identity, characteristics, and expression as well as on           sex, gender, or sexual orientation.
       4. The Green Party affirms the right of all persons to self-determination with regard to gender identity and sex. We affirm the right of choosing non-binary and gender fluid identification.
    8. Youth Rights
    All human beings have the right to a life that will let them achieve their full potential. Young people are one of the least protected classes of human beings, yet they represent our future. We must ensure they have an upbringing that allows them to take their place as functioning, productive, and self-actualized members of their community.
       a.  Youth are not the property of their parents or guardians, but are under their care and guidance.
    b.  Youth have the right to survive by being provided adequate food, shelter and comprehensive health care, including prenatal care for mothers.
       c.  Youth have the right to be protected from abuse, harmful drugs, violence, environmental hazards, neglect, and exploitation.
                   h.  Young people should be provided with education regarding their own and others' sexuality at the earliest appropriate time.

    HR#3 violates Section II.A of our Civil Rights and Equal Rights Platform. Trans kids, indeed all Greens, have the right to self identification and GAGP intentionally misgendering trans people is violence and encourages inequality in society and within the Green Party of the United States.

    HR#3 violates Section II.A.5 of our Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Platform. The GAGP amendments would specifically encourage discrimination towards trans people and trans women in particular whom are singled out by the GAGP amendments.

    HR#3 violates Section II.A.5.2 by seeking to remove existing rights that trans people have. In particular, the language in HR#3 that reads “We will protect girls and women in the enjoyment of female-only facilities, programs, or services, particularly in places where women have a need to be in a state of undress, or where their privacy may be compromised or their safety may be at risk from male-pattern violence” discriminates against transgender people by prohibiting them from using gender-specific bathrooms and other facilities corresponding to their gender identity.  The language further suggests that trans women might sexually assault cis women and cis girls in these facilities, inciting fear-mongering against trans people. The particular language regulating trans people’s use of facilities mirrors the North Carolina Republican Party’s House Bill 2, dubbed the “bathroom bill,” which similarly prevented trans people from using gender-specific government facilities in accordance with their gender identity.  Republican House Bill 2 resulted in national public outcry, including large-scale economic sanctions against the state of North Carolina. However, the Georgia Green Party’s “bathroom” policy is even worse than the infamous HB2 because the Georgia Green Party extends theirs to all facilities whereas the Republicans' extended only to government facilities.

    HR#3 violates Section II.A.5.3 by specifically encouraging discrimination of trans women and trans girls. GAGP refuses to use the correct medical terminology to refer to cis women and trans women which contributes to creating a discriminatory policy based on gender identity and expression.

    HR#3 directly violates Section II.A.8.a parents do not own their children and cannot restrict access to medical care. The Standards of Care for the treatment of trans youth are well established and have been so for more than two decades. 

    HR#3 violates Section II.A.8.b healthcare decisions must be made in consultation with doctors and in accordance with the Transgender Standards of Care.

    HR#3 violates Section II.A.8.c it’s abusive and neglectful to prevent children from having free, easy access to appropriate medical care.  GAGP declares that they will regulate access to trans related medical care in their state and advocates for all State Parties to join them which directly contradicts the Green Party Platform of position advocating ‘Medicare4All’. 

    HR#4 violates Section II.A Civil Rights and Equal Rights Platform.  The Green Party of the United States does elevate racism, sexism, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, class oppression, ageism, and ableism to the same level.  Gender Identity is a protected class in the United States of America. In a landmark 6-3 decision issued on June 15, 2020, Bostock v. Clayton County, 590 U.S. ____ (2020), the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or transgender status.  Georgia Green Party is in violation of Federal Law.

    HR#4 violates Section II.A.5.2. by including the Ann Menasche founded’s written “feminist amendment” to the Equality Act. GAGP seeks to remove rights afforded to trans persons recently by the Supreme Court of the United States of America and they wish to create two new categories of protected people further marginalizing trans and intersex people.  GAGP wishes to remove the rights that trans people have won this past June.

    HR#4 directly violates Section II.A.5.3 by not using the scientifically, medically and socially correct terms “cis” or “trans” to refer to trans women or cis women. GAGP is not using inclusive language but is, instead, using language that is meant to discriminate and harm marginalized individuals.

    Further, we assert that Georgia Green Party is in violation of Accreditation Committee Criteria for State Party Membership in the Green Party of the United States as stated in Section 1.II.1 – Acceptance of the four pillars of the Green Party, specifically, social justice. GAGP demonstrates they lack a commitment to the Green Party Platform Plank of Social Justice. They are in violation of Section 1.II.3, by enacting these changes to their platform, GAGP demonstrates they are not open to and reflective of, a statewide membership. Finally, GAGP is in violation of Section 1.II.10 having failed to make good faith efforts to empower individuals and groups from oppressed communities. Indeed, their efforts further add to the oppression of minorities within their State.

  8. Multiple State and local parties have inveighed on this as have all of the Caucuses and several National Committees; all of whom support the Lavender Caucus in this dispute.

  9. In recognition of the hard work former Georgia Green Party leaders and the Accreditation Committee have done to gain accreditation and in the interest of Party unity and restorative justice, the National Lavender Green Caucus requests the Georgia State Green Party be suspended from the National Party and placed on ‘inactive status’ until they rescind their endorsement of the Women’s Declaration of Sex Based Rights and strike additions to HR#3 and HR#4 (approved Feb 22, 2020) from their Platform. If the Accreditation Committee determines that ‘inactive status’ is inappropriate, the National Lavender Green Caucus requests the Accreditation Committee disaccredit Georgia Green Party.

  10. PDF of Georgia State Bonaire meeting attached for reference.  DRC correspondence are confidential and cannot be forwarded to this body without approval from all Parties.  The NLGC is happy to waive confidentiality for this National Committee to be able to make an informed decision.

 With regards to the Committee we, the undersigned State Parties, Locals and Caucuses, support this Complaint:

National Lavender Green Caucus

Young Ecosocalist Caucus

National Women's Caucus

Arizona Green Party

Green Party of Washington State

North Carolina Green Party

Maine Green Independent Party

Green Party of Pennsylvania

Illinois Green Party

Middle of the Mitten Greens

Central Michigan Greens

West Shore Greens

YES Caucus of Michigan

Women's Caucus of Michigan

South Sound Greens

Green Party of Seattle

Green Party of Sacramento


The Caucus submitted the complaint against Georgia Green Party and on February 20th the Accreditation Committee voted to accept the complaint against Georgia: 21 Yes 0 No 1 Abstain 2 Present (do not count toward quorum) Quorum was 20. With 22 votes the complaint is accepted