Consensus is a collaborative effort that allows all participating members to voice agreement, as well as express concerns and blocking concerns (the last of which prevent consensus from being reached), and has a strong historical grounding as a core part of Green decision making process. It also simplifies the process of approving relatively uncontroversial proposals while allowing a flexible and inclusive process for resolving more contentious ones.
Decision-Making Structure and Proposal Format - Consensus

When a proposal is submitted to the Secretary (primary) or Chair (secondary) and then forwarded to the membership, this initiates a discussion and consensus-building period lasting a minimum of 14 days, ending at 12:00 Midnight, Pacific Time on the 14th day, unless a different timeline is requested as per bylaws. If concerns are expressed during this period, the author(s) of the submitted proposal may either submit a revised proposal addressing any or all of the expressed concerns or ask members that have concerns if they are willing to stand aside and allow consensus to be reached. If concerns or blocking concerns have been expressed, said member(s) will be asked to propose alternative language or amendments. The Secretary or Co-chairs may extend the discussion period appropriately as revisions and suggested revisions are submitted by the author(s) and membership. Any member may request an extended discussion period by making a motion with another member seconding the motion. Discussion can only be curtailed if a blocking concern is clearly unsolvable even with further discussion, and thus no option is available to resolve the concern other than withdrawing the proposal entirely, or moving to a vote. The voting timeline for a proposal that has failed to reach consensus shall be 7 days, beginning at 12:00 Midnight, Pacific Time and ending on the 7th day, 12:00 Midnight, Pacific Time .

Elections and Bylaws amendments will continue to require a formal voting process with the Secretary and Co-chairs deciding the appropriate timeline.

The following format shall be constructed as a cover sheet for all Consensus Proposals.

National Lavender Green Caucus
Green Party of the United States
Consensus Proposal

Proposal Title:


Floor manager: (name and email address)

Date Submitted:

Action close: _____12:00 Midnight, Pacific Time (14 days from submission unless extended by Secretary or Co-chairs)

Reply with the response below that best describes what you think about the proposal and list questions or suggestions or concerns.
Not replying is a Yes to the proposal.

1: I have questions for clarification.
list questions:

2: I have suggestions.
list suggestions.

3: I could have blocking concerns because of:
list potentially blocking concerns.

If there are no questions, suggestions, or concerns then the proposal is passed by consensus on (date), Midnight, Pacific Time.

Unresolved concerns will necessitate a vote.