Operating Rules



New members are not eligible to vote for 15 days after joining.


Votes from 5 states.

Email Rules

1. Address the group. Messages must be addressed to the entire group of subscribers. Side conversations must be taken to 1 to-1 email.
2. No flooding, repetition or cross posting. Lavender Caucus business is for our mailing lists only. Members must not forward or cc messages to outside parties.
3. No off-charter material. You can re-post a message from elsewhere, but you must introduce it by explaining where it came from and what it's got to do with the mission and work of the Lavender Caucus, even if you think the relevance is obvious.
4. Limit the size of your message. When posting a reply to a specific discussion thread, it is not necessary to include the entire history of the discussion in your reply. By quoting the message that you're replying to, you inflate the size of the message that you're posting and bog down the e-mail server.

Grounds for Moderation/Removal
5. No "personality" discussion. Speculation or accusation about another person's motives, thought processes, or beliefs is prohibited. You may explain why you did something, but proposing theories about what other people were thinking when they did things is off-charter.
6. No insulting, disparaging, degrading, or demeaning language. It is never necessary to label other people in order to discuss their ideas and activities. Chronic, hurtful sarcasm, or giving people vengeful nicknames, or any other disrespectful treatment of your fellow activists, is grounds for loss of subscription
Removal of NLGC Members/Email List Etiquette/Appeal Process for Re-instatement:
7. The first time participants break these rules: Be given a warning and reminded of these rules, 2nd time: Officers and list administrators will discuss taking further action, such as list moderation.
Any member who consistently cannot follow agreed upon processes, may be sent written notice from the co-chairs by agreement of the Lavender Caucus officers, and may be removed from all NLGC email lists. Review of list etiquette will be offered. If that is accepted and applied the member will be reinstated on the email lists. If it is refused, the member may be removed from the NLGC and the email lists. Members who have been removed can reapply after six months with a written request that includes a statement of desire to cooperate with NLGC rules and process. The removal process and process for appeal and re-instatement may be further defined in the Operating Rules.
8. Any caucus member who feels list guidelines are being violated may make a motion to place someone on moderation. A motion by any member with 2 seconds of the motion by members other than officers or list administrators will be cause for review by officers and list administrators. Any moderation or removal from a list will apply to both caucus discussion lists.
9. Emergency moderation: List moderators (by default, co-chairs and secretary) may place individuals on moderation, pending action by the membership and/or officers, for viruses, spam, email loop problems (or to use the mailman emergency entire-list moderation function if something is malfunctioning or we've been hacked), or for extremely serious infractions like a death or violence threat.