Green Party Presidential Candidates


Green Party Presidential Candidate Questionnaire for Endorsement

7 weeks before the election is the recommended deadline for submitting questionnaires with enough time left to circulate our endorsement, if you wish. No questionnaire will be accepted 3 weeks before the election. Our endorsement process takes 3 weeks.

Copy and paste into e-mail or download. Please answer the following questions as completely as possible and return completed questionnaire to the National Lavender Greens Caucus at:  [email protected]

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1. Despite the 35% reduction in people without medical insurance (as of March 2015), due to the Affordable Care Act, those in the LGBTQIA community are still less likely than those in the general population to have medical insurance (and even those with medical insurance are less likely to have full access to healthcare such as psychological care, hormonal treatment, and surgical needs of the T* community.) How do you propose to address this discrepancy?

2. Do you support H.R. 1384, the Medicare for All Act of 2019? <

3. One way to demonstrate inclusion is having more options on government documents than just “Male” and “Female”. Would you work to have this change implemented?

4. The website of The Intersex Society of North America notes their opposition to “genital ‘normalizing’ surgery” at birth for intersex persons. Do you support intersex people having right of fully informed consent for body self determination rather than having medical personnel and caregivers make these medical decisions?

5. How else would you improve healthcare access for the LGBTQIA community?

6. What plan do you have for international issues regarding sexual orientation and gender identity or expression?

7. The LGBT Equality Act essentially adds sexual orientation and gender identity to the current Civil Rights Act. Would you support the LGBT Equality Act?

8. Transgender people face discrimination in employment. The Transgender Economic Empowerment Initiative (TEEI) was the first initiative in the nation to help transgender people enter the workplace. Would you be willing to implement a federal initiative like the TEEI?  Do you support the inclusion of transgender people in all federal non-discrimination and hate crime legislation?

9. Police have a long history in this country of harassment against marginalized groups.  People of color, those with disabilities, those who are homeless, transgender people and others who go against mainstream gender norms, are stopped, questioned, arrested, convicted, and sentenced to prison, (and sometimes beaten, shot, or murdered) more often than people outside of those categories who have committed the same (usually minor) crimes or infractions (including simply being there).  How would you propose ending this cycle of discrimination and violence?  How would you change police training? What is the role of private prisons?  What other changes would you make?

10. Children who identify (or appear to identify) as LGBTQIA are more likely to encounter discrimination and violence in school.  Not just from fellow students but also from school staff and parents.  They may be excluded from class or activities, they are more likely to get suspended or have other disciplinary actions taken against them, they may be kept from bathrooms or locker rooms, and they drop out of school at an increased rate.  What steps would you take as President to stop school violence and to end discrimination against children who are LGBTQIA?

11. Please tell us a bit about the work you have done on these issues to date and work you plan to do once the presidential campaign is over.

12. How do you think the current GPUS LGBTQIA platform should be improved?

13. How do you think the current GPUS AIDS platform should be improved?

14. The acronym LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) is well known. The Lavender Greens Caucus works towards being inclusive for all so we use the acronym LGBTQIA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual). Other people use SO/GI (sexual orientation/gender identity) and others use SGM (sexual/gender minority). The word "gay" to refer to our group is non-inclusive. Would you agree to use LGBTQIA when giving presentations? Or is there another name you want to use for our community?

15. The Religious Freedom Restoration Act is likely to be used as a basis for discrimination against LGBTQIA people in places other than religious institutions.  It may also allow corporations to regulate women's bodies by actions such as controlling access to birth control prescriptions. How will you insure that the 1st Amendment is recognized while preventing discrimination?

16. What is your position on the National Lavender Green Caucus Call for Justice and Reconciliation with the Georgia Green Party?